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Top 5 Stable Diffusion UIs

17 August 2023

Looking to create images with stable diffusion. You probably want an awesome UI to help with that. These are the Top 5 Stable Diffusion UIs currently available.

Check out the /r/StableDiffusion Wiki for more UIs you can install locally or use on the web.


Automatic1111 UI

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The Stable Diffusion web UI, also known as AUTOMATIC1111 or A1111, is a popular graphical user interface for advanced users. This free software serves as a platform for new features introduced by an enthusiastic community.

It offers a wide array of powerful features, although its complexity can be challenging due to limited documentation and an extensive feature list. Notable features include various image manipulation modes like txt2img and img2img, easy script installation, capabilities for outpainting and inpainting, color sketching, prompt manipulation through attention specification, loopback processing, 3D image plotting, textual inversion, flexible embedding management, neural network utilities like GFPGAN and RealESRGAN, customizable generation parameters, resizable images, noise control, and more. The software supports efficient image generation previews, integration with external tools like RunwayML, and compatibility with multiple neural network models.

It also introduces various usability enhancements, such as drag-and-drop image parameter restoration, live prompt token validation, and prompt editing during generation. Additionally, the UI allows for advanced settings customization, such as changing default values and tiling support. The A1111 software emphasizes flexibility and adaptability, catering to users with diverse preferences and needs.


InvokeAI UI

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InvokeAI is a prominent creative engine specializing in Stable Diffusion models. It enables professionals, artists, and enthusiasts to leverage advanced AI technologies for generating visual media. The platform offers a user-friendly WebUI and supports terminal usage via CLI. It serves as the basis for various commercial products.

Key features include a locally hosted Web Server with a responsive React Frontend, a Unified Canvas supporting diverse creative tools, a graph-based Node Architecture for customizable generation pipelines, and a gallery system for content management. It supports different model versions, upscaling tools, embedding, and model management. A Node-Based Plug-&-Play UI is also in beta.


Comfy UI UI

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ComfyUI is a user interface (UI) tool that allows you to design and execute complex stable diffusion (SD) pipelines using a graphical node-based flowchart interface. It supports various versions of SD, asynchronous queueing, optimization techniques, and compatibility with GPUs with low VRAM.

It can work with both GPUs and CPUs, offers model loading capabilities, including VAEs and CLIP models, and supports functionalities like embeddings, textual inversion, inpainting, upscale models, and more. ComfyUI is capable of creating advanced workflows without coding, offers fast startup, offline functionality, and the ability to save and load workflows using JSON files. It also provides a range of features like area composition, model merging, and latent previews. Workflow examples and installation details can be found on the ComfyUI Examples page.


EasyDiffusion UI

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Install and use Stable Diffusion effortlessly on your computer with no technical expertise needed. No pre-installed software necessary. Enjoy a simple 1-click installation, access powerful features, and engage with a welcoming community.


DiffusionBee UI

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Diffusion Bee is a user-friendly GUI application for MacOS that allows users to easily run Stable Diffusion on their Intel or M1 Mac computers. The app comes with a simple one-click installer, requiring no technical expertise or dependencies. It operates locally on the computer, ensuring that no data is sent to the cloud unless users opt to download weights or upload an image.